Setavap 2 Vapour Pressure Tester


The Setavap 2 automatic vapour pressure tester is used for the measurement of gasoline, solvents, light crude oils, and other similar products using the "Mini" method. Fully evacuated chamber technology guarantees that the sample is tested under a full vacuum, as required by the "Mini" test methods, unlike the expansion technologies that rely on moving pistons.

International Regulatory Compliance Methods

ASTM D5191, BS EN 13016-1, BS 2000-394, Correlates with: ASTM D323; ASTM D4953; ASTM D5482; ASTM D6378; IP 69; BS ISO 3007, BS 2000-69, IP 394, IP 481

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  • Key advantages
  • Rapid automatic vapour pressure testing

  • Automatic drain and purge

  • "Mini" method uses 3ml sample size

  • Selectable units - kPa or psi

  • Results available as Ptot, DVPE, EPA, Crude

  • Audible and on-screen prompts

  • RS232 interface