Service support

TSHR BV offers through its global distribution network, extensive sales and service support for the Combustion Elemental Analyzers, for TSHR 6000 and 7000 series, but also for Thermo 3000 series analyzers. A timely and adequate support and the supply of original and quality consumables and spare parts are key to ensure the continuity and quality of your daily trace level elemental analysis requirements.


TSHR offers a set of support tools and capabilities to meet your current and future demands and help to achieve a lowest possible cost of ownership and highest productivity of your combustion elemental analyzer solution. 

This includes for amongst others TSHR 6000, TSHR 7000 and Thermo 3000 series:

  • Application Support – Method and application development for your own samples
  • Training – Operational and user maintenance training
  • Repairs – At factory repair of instruments, modules and glass parts*
  • Service Support – preventive and corrective maintenance
    * determined on customer request

Please contact us or your local distributor to obtain more information on these support capabilities. 

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